Otterbein PRSSA elects 2015-2016 executive board

Otterbein PRSSA elects 2015-2016 executive board

By:  Adam Piccin ’15
Otterbein PRSSA President

After Otterbein PRSSA held elections on March 17, Chapter members elected a new executive board to begin to take office in April.  The month of April will serve as a transition month where newly elected members will be phased into their new positions while working with the person who has held the position last.

One noteworthy change to the executive board is that two new positions have been added.  Instead of one public relations director and one social media manager, the Chapter will now have two of each.  With the recent expansion this past year, the hope is that the Chapter will continue its growth.

But without further adieu, past executive board members will now introduce Otterbein PRSSA’s newly elected executive board members:


Otterbein PRSSA President Adam Piccin ’15 hands off the title to Alli Bates ’16.

Vice President Bailey Walker ’15 congratulates the new vice president, Abby Dawson ’17.

Kerigan McNamara ’17 will take over Dawson’s past position as secretary.

Bates introduces the two new public relations directors:
Courtney Kilmer ’17 and Brian Hammel ’18.

Social Media Committee members salute the two new social media managers:
sophomores Mikayla Pieper and Michelle Moore.

Graduating senior Alicia Contrascier hands off her title as treasurer to Audrey Vrancken ’17.

Byron Brenneman ’16 keeps his title as historian for the second consecutive term.

to the new executive board leaders!

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