Otterbein PRSSA sees increase in membership


By: Adam Piccin ’16
Otterbein PRSSA President
In the summer of 2014, Adam Piccin and Bailey Walker, Otterbein PRSSA’s president and vice president respectively, met with PRSSA faculty adviser Dan Steinberg to establish fall semester goals and objectives.

The main objective of the fall 2014 semester was to increase membership by 15 members.  With many members up for renewal, Otterbein PRSSA leaders hoped to keep those members coming back while also drawing in a new crowd of students.

“Dan, Adam and I did a lot of planning over the summer, and we came up with a comprehensive strategic plan as to how to accomplish the goals and objectives we set,” Walker said.  “Considering Otterbein’s small size, we thought our goals were ambitious, but possible.”

This time last year, Otterbein PRSSA only had eight new members.  However, this fall, Otterbein PRSSA added 20 new members to the chapter, therefore surpassing the set objective.

With renewals added in, the grand total of Otterbein PRSSA members is now 34 members.  To compare, Otterbein PRSSA had 21 members in the spring including seniors.


Otterbein PRSSA now consists of two freshmen, eight sophomore, eight juniors, 15 seniors and one undecided.  The leaders of the chapter hope to continue chapter growth and development in the future.“We want to prove to people that joining was worth it,” Walker said.  “While we had excellent speakers this fall, we are looking forward to taking a more hands-on approach to our plans in the spring, so stay tuned for what we have planned.


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