Communication students ‘Engauge’ in the advertising world


By Kristin Gramza ‘15DSC_0057

For the month of October, along with seven other students, I was given the opportunity to attend an advertising “boot camp” at Engauge, a full-service advertising agency.

Communications instructor Dan Steinberg began this “boot camp” while he was teaching at Ohio State. Years later, it is now back and includes students from both Otterbein and OSU.

The “boot camp” lasted for 90 minutes every Friday. Each week, there was a different lesson, focusing on a specific job or section of the agency. These presentations were led by the account, social media and creative teams. After each presentation we had the opportunity to network with the professionals and ask them questions about the workplace and industry.

The knowledge gained and connections made are both great benefits of this program, but another is becoming familiar with the specific jobs that an agency offers. I have now been enlightened to the specific positions I can apply for after graduation. I also discovered which areas interest me, as well as the ones that do not.

However, I feel like the most important thing I gained from this experience is a renewed excitement for my future career. Often times, schoolwork and class can get mundane or stressful and it is hard to see the end goal—the reason for all of the hard work. Through talking to these professionals and taking a tour around their workplace, I feel refreshed and more passionate than ever about my studies in the communications field.


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