Comm Dept. Student Profile on Josh Adkins!!


We sat down with a current Otterbein student in the comm dept, Joshua Adkins, and asked him to tell us a little about himself!

Q: What is your major?

A: I’m a double major in public relations and journalism


Q: What made you decide to come to Otterbein?

A: I knew that Otterbein offered a PR major and that’s something I was really interested in. I sort of fell into journalism and love it just as much as PR. I love the comm. department.


Q: So how would you describe yourself as a student?
A: I like seeing my work as a finished product and a lot of hard work goes into both PR and journalism.


Q: What do you like about Otterbein’s communication department?

A: I like this department a lot because it’s so easy for anyone to get involved from the minute they step foot on campus.
Q: What have you been doing to prepare yourself after graduation?

A: Well before I graduate, I’d like to have another internship that will prepare me for a writing job with a firm or corporate company.


Q: Ideally, what would you choose to do with your education in the field of PR after graduation?

A: Well I’m really interested in copywriting for an agency or some form of writing job in a corporate setting.


Josh is also involved in PRSSA and an active participant in many events on campus and in the communication department. We look forward to seeing what Josh will accomplish in his very bright future!


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