Q and A Session with Otterbein Alumni Jennifer Pearce!


1.) What is your

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for
Otterbein University.

2.) What careers
have you had in the public relations and communications fields?

Account executive for a PR firm (Wilson Comm Group),
communications coordinator for Fairfield Medical Center, PR director for
Longaberger Baskets, Marketing Director for Cheryl and Co.

3.) What is your educational background?

B.A. in journalism and public relations with a
business minor from Otterbein.


4.)    How did you
get your first job in the industry?

An internship with Clairy Communications my senior year,
and Sandy Cleary got me an interview and I was hired.

5.)    What type of people do you/have you worked with?

Communications people are all outgoing, genuine, fun,
interesting, open-minded, creative, empathetic, and dedicated.

6.)    What was your favorite job?

PR director at Longaberger baskets; it was more media
heavy and dealt with people on an international level.

7.)    Explain your job in crisis communications

I dealt with executives who were dealing with a crisis
such as in oil refineries and nuclear power were accidents happen.

8.)    What was difficult about it?

Keeping executives ethical and keeping your integrity.

9.)    What did you enjoy about it?

I got to travel all over the world which was a lot of



10.) Where do you see yourself in five years?

Growing the marketing shop at Otterbein. We have added
four people since I have been here and now I am taking on more of a leadership

11.) What advice do you have for people going into these

Get an internship! They will help you the most getting
a job, as well as networking with others. You also need to remain ethical and
prepare for dilemmas ethically.

12.) What classes from college have helped you the most?

Any writing class helped. Photography and
broadcast classes has also helped me out in my careers. Having a business minor
helped me when I was had corporate jobs.

13.) Is there anything you wish you could have done
different in your education if you could have done it all over, i.e. a minor or
different major?

I wish I would have taken more psychology classes; you
tend to deal with “bad” people so I think that would have helped.

14.) Is there anything I did not ask you want to say?

Get your feet wet and have a tough shell. These
jobs can be overwhelming and you can’t please everyone. Be resilient and keep


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