New Health Comm Class To Be Offered In Spring


A new course in health communication will be offered this spring, Introduction to Health Communication (COMM 1910). The instructor will be Dan Steinberg. We met up with him to get the latest scoop on this new course.

Why did you see a need for this new course?
Health Communication is a growing field. Even in these times of economic turmoil, the health field continues to add jobs. Exposing Otterbein students from numerous majors to health communication will help them learn valuable theories and skills to help them find jobs in the future.

What special skills will students learn in this course as opposed to
generic communication courses?
Of course everything will be geared to the health communication field and to communicating within the field. We will discuss terminology, learn how communication varies within the field, and learn about the healthcare field in general.

When and where will the class meet?
It’s scheduled for TuTh at 10 am I believe.

Will there be any special events or speakers who will enhance the
class experience?
I hope to plan visits to hospitals as well as bring in healthcare speakers, yes.

How can a student access and apply to this course?
No application necessary… just register. Not only will comm majors profit from the course but those students already in the pre-health majors will benefit as well. I plan to teach the course at an entry level so any student in any major at even the freshman level will be challenged and can do well.

Keep up with us for all the latest info on this new course!


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