Comm student shares her tips for success


Hannah Ullom  shares some of her experiences as a communications student at Otterbein. She has great advice for current students and those seeking an internship! 

What are you doing this quarter?

This quarter I’m in class two days a week and work in downtown Columbus three days a week as a marketing and communication intern at the Columbus Chamber. I love my internship!

What is your major at Otterbein and what organizations or groups are you involved in?

I’m a public relations major. I’m vice president of Otterbein PRSSA and I’m also involved in Lambda Pi Eta, Mortar Board and last year I was the opinion editor for the Tan & Cardinal.

Any other internship or professional experiences to share?

Before I started working at the Columbus Chamber, I was an event planning intern at the Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce and a communication intern at the Otterbein Office of Alumni Relations.

What classes prepared you the most for your internships

All of the public relations classes have definitely prepared me for my internships. A lot of the journalism classes I took have been helpful too because writing is so important in public relations. I’ve also been able to apply what I’ve learned in marketing and economics classes to my chamber of commerce internships since those organizations are focused on helping businesses.

Do you have any advice for current majors about communication department classes or activities?

Don’t underestimate your classes. I have learned so much just from class discussions and you’ll learn so much more if you get engaged and participate. Also take business and marketing classes if you can. I wish I had taken more of those. As far as activities go, get involved! We have so many organizations on campus and especially in the communication department. Getting involved with organizations like PRSSA, T&C, WOBN and WOCC will help build your resume when you start looking for an internship.

What advice would you give communication students about networking and internships?

Building your network is very important. You never know how someone could help you in the future or how you could help them. Take advantage of networking opportunities every chance you get, but don’t get hung up on them. Knowing someone might get you an interview, but you need to have the skills and experience to get the job. Start looking for internships as soon as you can. The process of finding an internship can be overwhelming, trust me, but having internship experience is the best way to prepare yourself for life after Otterbein. Good luck!


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