The Ins and Outs of J-term


With the new semester already in place, there are many questions about the approaching J-term.

Q: When does J-term start?

A: J-Term begins January 4th and ends January 26th in 2012.

Q: What is J-term?

A: It is designed to offer students a chance to take different classes like travel classes for their INST requirements, or there are classes for majors as well as electives offered in J-term.

Q: Do students need to take J-Term classes in order to graduate on-time?

A: Students do not need to take J-Term classes in order to graduate on-time as long as they take 4 classes each of the 8 semesters in which they are in school.  However, the cost of taking J-Term classes is included in the cost of full-time attendance in either Fall or Spring semesters.

Q: What about housing is that free as well?

A: Tuition and room are FREE for J-term, as long as you are a full-time student for either fall semester or spring semester.

Q: Do I get a new room during J-term?

A: The student can stay in their regular room and dining options will be available (final schedule coming soon).

Q: What about food for students who are staying on campus?

A: There is no separate meal plan for J-Term.  Any unused meals and Dining Dollars from fall semester will carry over for use during J-term.  However, housing will also release a student’s meals and Dining Dollars for spring semester early so they can be used during J-term.


If there are any questions regarding J-term that you are still confused about email Kate Lehman who is the Assistant Dean for Student Success her office is located in Barlow Hall which is behind the rock. E-Mail: and Campus Phone (614) 823-1624.





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