Student Profile: Ruth Payne


Ruth Payne is a junior broadcasting major who has done great
things already in her short time here at Otterbein.

She has been involved in the media since her first quarter of freshman year when she
wrote on the T&C staff. Since then she has been exploring different mediums
and making leaps of faith hoping it will all work out. Later she got involved
with WOCC, which is Otterbein’s television station. During the practicum Ruth
fell in love with TV.

Ruth was asked to be producer for WOCC and later applied for the position of
operations manager as a sophomore. “I knew I loved TV and I knew it was
important to get involved early so I could have a lot of experience,” said

Ruth Payne had her first internship sophomore year first quarter at lifetime network
and Reveille studios based out of LA. She interned with the television show one
born every minute in the pilot season.  “It
was really crazy as a sophomore to jump into that position and be involved in
national television show,” said Payne.

As a sophomore Ruth was asked to fill in for another Otterbein student whom was ill
and could not make it to her internship. This internship happened to be for, which was the website for the head coach of the Ohio State
Buckeyes. This was Ruth’s very first Buckeye football game but she got to stand
on the side lines and take video and write articles. She did such a good job
they asked her to take over the internship when the other student graduated.

Since then she has experienced the transition from Coach Tressel to Coach Fickell.
She said that this has taught her how to be professional during controversial
times such as this. She has had the opportunity to go to press conferences and
meet influential people from central Columbus.

In the spring of sophomore year Ruth held an internship with NBC4. Here she was a
floor director and guest receptionist for the daytime Columbus morning show
with Gail Hogan. This gave her a perspective on and entertainment style morning
television show.

“Out of all of them I would have to say honestly I don’t think I found my right fit yet
I’ve tried television, staged television (shows) and that wasn’t really my
thing, I tried morning shows, that was ok, I’ve tried sports, and while I do
really enjoy all of them, I don’t feel like any of them have been the ‘ok this
is what I want to do for the rest of my life’ so if anything these internships not only have taught me a lot of versatile skills they have also helped me to narrow down what exactly it is
that I want to do,” said Ruth on behalf of all her experience.


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