Parking at the Comm Building


Westerville’s new data center will be up and running by the first quarter of 2012. But for students, the big question is, when will the parking lot be opened again? Students were initially informed the parking lot would be off-limits for only two weeks when construction began. That was four months ago.

According to Todd Jackson, Director of IT for the City of Westerville, says once the project is finished, the parking lot will be opened up to both Otterbein University and data center visitors. Westerville owns the rights to use the same drive as Otterbein, but a majority of the parking lot will be available for student parking. Westerville also can exercise the right to reserve parking spaces for special events.

In the meantime, Otterbein police will be patrolling the limited parking lot space available both adjacent to the Communication and Art building as well as the lot across the street to ticket unregistered cars. So be sure to stop by Otterbein Police Department between 9am – 5pm to pick up your decal–parking tickets are no fun!


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