EasyColumbus interview with senior Jessica Miller


Name: Jessica Miller

School: Otterbein University
Year in School: Senior
Major: Public Relations and Journalism
Hometown: Geneva, Ohio
Favorite Class: I don’t just have one favorite. Many of my favorite classes are really only because I had stellar professors. I loved Copyediting with Uncle Seymour, Media Law with Hillary Warren, Magazine Writing and PR Case Studies with Susan Merryman.
Favorite Restaurant: Get the steak on the stone at Elevator. Best meal ever! I also recently discovered Mezzo in Gahanna. Live music on Thursdays.
Favorite Website: Does my e-mail count? I’m obsessive… No really, I love damnyouautocorrect.com. Always good for tears of laughter!
Favorite Band: Rascal Flatts comes to Columbus every August. I also love Sara Bareilles and Paramore.
Favorite Movie: Anything with Katherine Heigl or Rachel McAdams.
Favorite TV Show: “Gilmore Girls,” “30 Rock,” “Chuck,” “Modern Family,” “Parenthood,” “Saved by the Bell” and “Boy Meets World” reruns.
Favorite Columbus spot: I don’t have one favorite spot but I love exploring. We often try to go somewhere new, instead of going to our favorite spots. I love parks and little shops and bakeries.
Columbus’ Hidden Gem: As far as hidden, I once had some mini cupcakes from this organic bakery and never found it again. I love the organic and natural businesses. And North Market is always amazing. Not sure how hidden it is though.
Favorite Free Activity: Gallery Hop!
I wish I had know sooner: I wish I had started exploring sooner. I stayed pretty near to campus my first two years. When Polaris and Easton got old, we stepped outside of our little box and were so impressed.
I think Columbus is missing: I grew up about 500 feet from Lake Erie so I miss the beach. Columbus would be the perfect city with sunny California weather and if the Pittsburgh Steelers moved here!
What I like best about Columbus: The people are so positive. The optimism is healthy. Between professional opportunities and extra-curricular activities, there is so much here. You can never complain about being bored or having nothing to do!
Favorite Place on Campus: Comm Room 155. The Tan & Cardinal newspaper lab. In the last four years, I’ve spent approximately 3,300 hours in that one window-less room. So many memories!
Favorite Campus Memory: Gah… so many.
I’ve had the following Internship Experience: Marketing & Communication Intern at the Columbus Chamber, Editorial Intern at the Publishing Group, Ltd., Editorial Intern at the Delaware Gazette.
I found my internships here: Networking. And of course ColumbusInternships.com

Your Weekend:

What I like to do on Saturday night: Hanging out with friends and exploring Columbus. I love seeing shows, concerts and sports events.

My typical Sunday morning is: Not sure I’ve ever spent it any way other than homeworking.

Where I take friends from out of town: The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar graduation_plans :

After College:

What are your plans after graduation? For the moment, working for an advertising/PR agency.

What advice would you like to pass along to incoming freshmen? You’re never too young to have a leadership position in an organization or to get a baller internship. Go big or go home. You may surprise yourself.

10 Years from now I’ll be:  I’ll be back from California ready to settle down in the best city, Columbus, of course!


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