Victoria’s Secret Public Relations Visit


This past Thursday, Ally Nagle, Brooke Fry, and Jackie Dennis toured the Victoria’s Secret’s headquarter located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.   They met with Lauren Cutillo, the public relations coordinator and Jennifer Fahey, the public relations manager at Victoria’s Secret.  These students sat and had lunch with both Lauren and Jennifer as they took the time to present a detailed powerpoint about their positions and what it entails.  Jennifer scored her dream job working at VS as the public relations manager after graduating from the Ohio State University where she also met Dan Steinberg, now a communication professor at the Otterbein University.  There are only 3 girls working for the Victoria’s Secrets public relations in Columbus, Ohio, while the rest remain in New York.  With only Jennifer and Lauren working at the Columbus headquarters, they really scramble to get things done and meet their deadlines.  While their job seems fun and exciting, both Jennifer and Lauren work together to recieve positive press and devote their time to what they love doing. They really portray a positive image on Victoria’s Secret brand name.  Each year, Lauren and Jennifer attend the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show as their whole year of work leads up to this event!  What a rewarding experience.

Thanks Jennifer and Lauren!

Jackie, Ally & Brooke at the Victoria’s Secret Headquarters.


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