Chatting with an NFL player with Otterbein Comm’s PRSSA


Otterbein PRSSA officers with Pittsburgh Steeler Will Allen

Will Allen of the Pittsburgh Steelers


Yesterday, Will Allen (@WillAllenWAF) of the Pittsburgh Steelers came to campus to talk to students about his experience as a communications student at The Ohio State University.

Will told us about the importance of finding your focus while in college, and then channeling your passion into giving back to your community afterwards. He has his own foundation for helping children in schools.

He then answered student questions, some funny (Who would you rather have as your best friend: Troy Polamalu, or Ben Roethlisberger?) and some serious (What are your plans for after you retire from the NFL?). We had a great turn out of about 70 people and Will signed autographs and took pictures with everyone.

Thanks for coming to talk to us, Will, and thanks to everyone who came and supported Otterbein PRSSA! (@OtterbeinPRSSA)


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