Otterbein PRSSA at PRCapital


On Saturday, members of PRSSA spent all day at The Ohio State University mingling with young professionals at PRCapital. Here’s a recap:

  • Free breakfast? Don’t mind if we do! Thanks to the wait staff who provided excellent food.
  • Brandi Hann (@BrandiHann) from SBC Advertising gave us GREAT office etiquette advice and it was so refreshing to have someone addressing those awkward touchy questions of office situations and how to react. Please check out her session on interviewing techniques with Otterbein PRSSA (@OtterbeinPRSSA) on Monday at 5p.m. in Towers Hall Rm. 122.
  • Lunch was equally tasty, and we got the chance to chat with Robbie Banks (@robbiebanks) from the Columbus Chamber, as well as some successful Otterbein recent grads Jeana Harrington (@jeanaharrington) and Charlotte Halliday (@CHallidayPR). All in all we were relieved that even with the talk of such a terrible economy, people. are. getting. jobs.
  • The recent grad and “veteran” YP panels were absolutely the highlight of the event. SO many questions answered and SO many nerves calmed down. Thanks to everyone who gave us business cards and offered to answer any future questions we may have!

Overall, we had a great time at the event, and if you want to join in on the networking and fun, come to some PRSSA meetings and learn how you can become a member!


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