Looking to apply to graduate school? Here are some tips…


Looking to apply to graduate school?  Amanda Weed, an Otterbein student has shared her thoughts and helpful hints on how to write the perfect personal statement.  Her exactly 500 word essay got her accepted into the Ohio University.  Congrats!

Amanda’s tips she found useful while in the process of writing her personal statement…

1. Open with something memorable.  Use a quote if it’s not overdone.
2. Write about how your experience will make you a successful grad student.
3. Do not mention bumps in your education unless you learned a valuable lesson or there were extenuating circumstances.
4. What makes you unique.
5. How will you apply this education?
6. Why this program?  Be specific.
7. What are your research interests?  How does this fit in with this program?  Mention a faculty members, especially if they are on the admissions committee.

Amanda also recommends you “check with the requirements of the program you’re writing for, though.  A lot of schools have specific questions to answer.”  Thank you Amanda for your helpful tips!


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