Semester Switch: Student Perspective


As faculty and staff plan for the switch to semesters starting next year, students have been asked and encouraged to meet with their advisors to prepare for the switch. Junior Public Relations student, Courtney Kent discussed the changes with her advisor to be better aware of what things will be like for her next year.

What have you done to prepare yourself for the semester change?

Kent: I met with my advisor, Denise Shively. We went through all the classes that I still have to take and we “temporarily scheduled” out the rest of my time here at Otterbein.

What was it like to meet with your advisor to discuss the switch?

Kent: It was so easy! I was expecting to be super confused and overwhelmed but I wasn’t at all. My advisor did everything for me but she also explained as she went which really helped. Denise filled out a Semester Transition Checklist for me. What this was is a paper that they have for each and every communication major and it has all the required classes on. We went through and put check marks by the class I’ve completed and then for the classes I haven’t completed we put a suggested semester term for me to complete them. We went through and filled out the same paper work for my minor as well. I received a copy of this form and Denise will keep one on file.

Do you feel good about the change, nervous…etc?

Kent: I’m excited about the change! Most schools in Ohio and all over the country are already on Semesters and it seems to work just fine for them. I am a little nervous about how the workload will be. I’ll be anxious to see if I have more or less “homework” on a day to day basis since the period of

time we take a class is now being extended.

Do you think you will take advantage of J Term?

Kent: I do not think I will take advantage of J term. I think it is a great thing and I encourage other students to take advantage of it but I personally will not because I am already on track to graduate on time so I wont need to take a class then and I have already traveled abroad which i know is something the university is pushing for students to do during that J term. I will most likely just work and spend time at home with my family during that time off.

When do you plan to graduate?

Kent: May of 2012

What changes are you looking forward to next year?

Kent: I am looking forward to having a fall break! I know that our long summer and winter break that we are used to will no longer exist but we will have a break during fall Semester and then a  break for Thanksgiving and then again for Christmas and then there’s the period of J-term… I really think we will be getting just as much of a break from classes as we always have, just in a different format. I am also looking forward to interning. By being on semesters it will be so much simpler to have a internship because I will be able to commit for a longer period of time.

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