From Uniontown, Pennsylvania to Otterbein University


With 3,100 students currently at Otterbein University it so happens that two students in the Communication department are from the same town, share similar interests, and are the only students from Uniontown, Pennsylvania attending Otterbein.

We interviewed the two students: Jayme Detweiler, a senior and Meredith Ulmer, a freshmen about both living in Uniontown.

How did you hear about Otterbein?

MU: Both of my parents attended Otterbein College.

JD:  From a high school friend, then after I came for a visit Meredith’s parents talked to me about it.

Why did you choose Otterbein?

MU: I really liked the small campus and the location. I wanted a school that wasn’t in the middle of nowhere.

JD:  I chose Otterbein because of its location to Columbus and for small classes, I wanted a school where I could start my major right away.

Did you tour or visit before coming to Otterbein?

MU:  Yes, I did. My sister is two years older than me so I visited it with her and then again for myself.

JD:  Yes three times!

What’s it like living in Uniontown, Pennsylvania?

MU:  I enjoy living in Uniontown. Everybody knows pretty much everybody else.

JD:  Small town, no six-lane highways like here, and the closest nice mall is an hour away, but the people are awesome. The view is also great, lots of mountains.

Did you two know each other?

MU:  Yes, I do know Jayme! Our families are really good friends. I’m not sure how they met. Again, it’s a small town.

JD:  Yes our dads have been friends for a while.  They were on a triathlon team together. We taught Meredith to water ski during one of our family get togethers.

Do you ever get homesick?

MU:  Yes, Uniontown has some wonderful people. I miss them!

JD:  Noooo!

What are you involved in at Otterbein?

MU:  I’m currently rushing and I hope to get involved in a lot more!

JD:  WOCC, Tan and Cardinal, and Sigma Alpha Tau


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