Experience Outside of the Classroom


On Tuesday, January 5th, Otterbein Communication students went to the Blue Jackets game and were able to experience everything from a press conference to meeting with the PR and Broadcasting Heads.

We interviewed two senior broadcasting students  who attended the game:  Jayme Detweiler & Megan Wycuff!

What activities/organizations are you involved in at    Otterbein?

JD: Tan and Cardinal, WOCC-TV3, Sigma Alpha Tau 

MW: WOCC TV3 & Otterbein360

How were you able to attend the Blue Jackets game?

JD: Dan Steinberg’s class

MW: I attended the Blue Jackets game through one of my classes, Professional Development for Communication Careers (Comm 225) with Dan Steinberg

What was your experience at the game like?

JD: Amazing! It was so great to meet people in the broadcasting business and get their advice!!

MW: We visited a print writer, TV and radio announcers, and the PR professionals and they all took a brief break from working to explain what they do and to answer our questions. It was good to get into a game for free, but to see the work that goes on behind the scenes to make each event a success was the really great part about going.

What would you recommend to underclassmen?

JD: Take the Comm 225 class!! And also get involved

MW: Forming relationships with professors is really important because they have a lot of connections to opportunities that really make a college experience a good one!


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