Alumni Profiles-Where are they now?


Alumna Profile: Hannah Demilta ’10

By Paola Casale

Where do you currently work at? Switched On Media — a digital agency in Sydney. We specialize in search engine optimization, paid search, social media and content.

What is your official title? Social Media Specialist

What’s the coolest part about your job? The coolest part of my job is seeing my clients get positive results and outcomes they want thanks to social media marketing. I love teaching and sharing what I know with others.

What made you want to move to Australia? I studied abroad in Australia (Bond University) the fall of my junior year. I absolutely loved it and had the idea to return as soon as I left. I had the chance to visit Sydney when I was there studying and thought it was a gorgeous city. I felt like it was a good time in my life (after graduation) to make a big move like this. I love the Australia culture and lifestyle.

Do you miss the U.S.? Why or why not? I do miss my family and friends of course, but technology keeps us connected. I miss things like Mexican restaurants (they’re not very popular here) too, but it’s worth the trade of moving abroad and experiencing new things here that we don’t have at home.

What’s the biggest difference between Australia and the U.S.? Biggest difference? This is a tough question. Australian culture carries some European influence. In general, it’s more laid back here. I notice that people are much more respectful of other people’s time off at work and more of a separation of work/home life. Shops close earlier and Starbucks isn’t as popular.

What made you choose Otterbein to get your degree? I was looking at small schools where I could play tennis and get really involved on campus. I loved the location. I grew up about 20 minutes out of Cleveland, and Westerville is about the same out of Columbus. It was home away from home.

What do you do for fun in your spare time? Since moving to Sydney, I’ve just been exploring the city and meeting a lot of new people. I’ve been having fun spending more time outside. I’ve never spent much time at the beach and now it’s out my back door.

What are some of your hobbies? Tennis, scrapbooking, volunteering and travel are all hobbies of mine.

What’s your favorite food? I’m a big seafood fan. I love Alaskan king crab.

What’s the strangest animal you have seen? I’ve seen a lot of strange animals in the zoo, but the other night I saw a bandicoot outside. They are a tiny nocturnal marsupial with a long nose. They’re not very common just to see out and about, so that was cool.

What does a relaxing day consist of for you? A relaxing day for me is when I can sleep in late, not feel guilty about it and then spend the rest of the day with no particular agenda or place to be. I don’t like every day to be that way, but sometimes it’s nice to de-stress.


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