Semester conversion myths debunked

Four MYTHS about the COMM majors
It is FALSE that:
1.) The Public Relations major is being eliminated.
2.) COMM courses you take now will not count once we convert to semesters.
3.) The Broadcast component of COMM is being eliminated.
4.) Current majors will be forced into a new major.
Four TRUTHS about the COMM majors
It is TRUE that:
1.) Public Relations is thriving at Otterbein and will be for years to come.
2.) Everything you take now that counts toward graduation will continue to count. 
3.) While the Broadcast major is being reprogrammed and renamed, Broadcast is alive and well at Otterbein.
4.) If you are a current major and wish to continue on the path to graduation with your major you can keep the same major you started with. 
If you have any other questions regarding semester conversion, contact your advisor or go to the semester conversion website.
Homecoming  is this weekend! Hope to see you all at the festivities. Don’t forget! The Tan & Cardinal Newspaper Alumni picnic is at Alum Creek Park tomorrow (Saturday, Otc. 23) at 11:00 a.m.

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