Majors and Minors: The Composition of the COMM Dept



Otterbein’s communications department has five majors and five minors. Some students choose more than one major or a minor to accompany their primary major.


What it is: With a broadcasting degree, you will be able to seek a career in electronic media/radio-television broadcasting, and/or non-broadcasting video.

What it feels like: Sitting in the press box during the football games. Making the rookies work for points.


What it is: This program will prepare you for a career in journalism including writing, editing, and designing newspapers, magazines, web sites, and other publications.

What it feels like: Writing, writing and more writing. So much writing that you think in AP Style, even for English papers. So much writing you feel like you have another job.

Organization Communication

What it is: A broader field of communication. There is a lot of mass communications techniques and its application to the business world.

What it feels like: Nothing is a singular. Everything is collective

Public Relations

What it is: In this field, you learn how to preserve and build relationships between an organization (or individual) and the public.

What it feels like: A lot of writing and tapping out your creative reserves attempting to zig while everyone else zags.

Speech Communication

What it is: This program will prepare you for a variety of career fields including broadcasting, social and human services, and government or politics.

What it feels like: Really intense speech class spread over four years.


Public Relations, Speech Communication,  and Broadcasting are offered as minors. The minors are just shorter versions of the major with two or three junior and senior level classes.

Journalism Writing

What it is: All the writing with focuses on the specific writing classes.

Journalism Publication and On-line Design

What it is: All the design aesthetic and less emphasis on the writing


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