Keep COMM- Awards Edition


Check out the latest edition of our dept. newsletter Keep COMM! This issue is a “year in review” to recognize the hard work and achievements of both students and faculty for the 2013-14 school year. Thanks for a great school year and remember to be on the lookout for Keep COMM publications next fall!

Keep COMM- May Edition

Featured Practicum: Tan & Cardinal Magazine Practicum

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Sophomore PR major Heidi Olander browses through the latest edition of the Tan and Cardinal Magazine

JAMC 1403

Get hands on experience working for Otterbein’s own magazine publication with the Tan & Cardinal magazine practicum.

The process of creating the magazine first begins with practicum students and staff brainstorming newsworthy story ideas. The stories are then divided into two groups to determine their deadline based on length and subject matter.

Next comes the process of writing, interviewing, and editing articles. Students follow the schedule which the editor has laid out for each issue and report back each week on the progress of their stories. They also inform the designer and photographer on what graphics or pictures they would like to accompany their story before finally seeing their work fresh from the press.

For senior creative writing and psychology double major and editor of the T&C magazine Josh Park, the opportunity to engage in real-world responsibilities is a key asset of the practicum.

“Students are more independent in working on articles and have a more applied sense of responsibility,” said Park. “For example, missing a magazine story deadline means there’s a hole in the magazine. There’s a strong emphasis on student responsibility, which is why I think it’s so important to be available for students to take. Students can even hold positions of leadership which can apply outside of college and be great for resumes.”

The T&C magazine practicum meets Tuesdays at 4 p.m. and is worth one credit hour.

Featured Practicum: Television and Video Practicum


Otterbein students work behind the scenes and on camera on This Week at Otterbein

JAMC 1402

Ever thought about a career in television? The television and video practicum allows students to gain experience both in front of and behind the camera. The Otterbein TV staff, along with Dr. Jeff Demas, leads the students in shooting, writing, editing, and producing footage for the station. With opportunities to work on This Week at Otterbein, Campus Refresh, and cardinal sports broadcasts, students are immersed into the art of television production.

Operations Manager and sophomore JAMC major Jon Bozeka finds the practicum beneficial for both the students on staff as well as the ones taking the course.

“The practicum is overall a great experience. It gives you a firsthand look at TV, a chance to work with individuals at all skill levels, and puts you ahead of the game compared to other college kids in your situation,” said Bozeka. “Only at Otterbein is it possible for a program to give freshmen experience like that from the first time you see the equipment.”

The Otterbein TV practicum meets Wednesdays at 4 p.m. and is worth one credit hour.

Featured Practicum: Communication Practicum

Tabatha Piper, Alicia Contrascier, and Alicia Colon served as practicum interns for the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.

Tabatha Piper, Alicia Contrascier, and Alicia Colon serve as practicum interns for the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.

COMM 1550

The communication practicum, headed by Dan Steinberg, introduces students to the world of communication careers. Students are required to complete two hours a week of practical experience with an organization of their choice. With opportunities spanning the sports, fashion, and non-profit industries, students have the chance to explore, observe, and engage in real-life communication practices and make connections with professionals all across the Columbus area.

Sophomore PR major Heidi Olander spent her practicum hours working with The Columbus Crew Major League Soccer team.

“I had a lot of fun working with the Crew and I thought it was a very valuable experience,” said Olander.

Current practicum participant and junior PR major Alicia Contrascier has been serving her hours with The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.

“My practicum with The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation has been amazing,” she said. “I work with incredible people who are so helpful and really thankful for me being there. Getting real experience at a real company is so important and I’m so lucky that I was able to find something in a field that I’m interested in.”

Practicum of the Week: Otterbein360 Practicum

Junior JAMC major and Otterbein360 Arts and Entertainment editor Emmy Wells views the finished product on the web.

Junior JAMC major and Otterbein360 Arts and Entertainment Editor Emmy Wells views the finished product on the web.

JAMC 1404

Discover what it is like to write for a news website with Otterbein360. Students are each assigned a subject area, or beat, such as sports or news, to cover. The students then must contact and interview sources, write a story, and send it to their editor. The editor leads the team through assigning and editing articles with the goal of publishing two stories per section each week. The editor then sends the story to the copyeditor who gives it one last proofread before the article is published to the website.

Junior JAMC major Emmy Wells has completed the practicum and has returned as the arts and entertainment editor.

“I love 360 because of the real-world experience I’m getting with writing and editing,” said Wells.

Recently, Otterbein360, along with the former Tan and Cardinal newspaper, has been awarded 1st place in Opinion Writing, 1st place for Best Website, and 3rd place in News Coverage by the Ohio Newspaper Association. Join this award-winning news team through the practicum experience.

The Otterbein360 practicum meets on Thursdays from 4-5 p.m. and is worth one credit hour.